Employment Application Review

Benefits of the Employment Application:

Employment applications allow employers to gather a factual, uniform record of each applicant's qualifications for a position. Compared with other hiring tools, job applications offer several advantages:

Employer Control

On resumes, applicants can decided how much to reveal and how to present their qualifications. In contrast, the set format of job applications leaves little discretion to an applicant.


Resumes can reveal personal information that is not job-related and can lead to selection decisions based on illegal considerations. Provided questions are carefully screened for relevance, job applications can limit the amount of extraneous information that enters the selection process.


Because of their rigid format, job applications ensure that comparable information is collected from all candidates. This uniform set of data makes it easy to compare candidates' qualifications and helps defend against discrimination claims.

What AmeriBen · IEC Group Provides:

  • All of our members have access to our sample employment application, available from the Resource Center
  • We can review your employment application to ensure you are asking the most lawful and pertinent questions to applicants
  • Some packages include this service with the annual fees, other packages can purchase this service for a discounted rate. Please ask your consultant for an estimate
  • It takes the Resource Center 1-2 weeks to review an Employment Application
  • Our recommendations are provided in either an electronic copy, in hard copy, or both, depending on client request

Application Reviews are for Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Arizona and Washington. Reviews for states other than our core states, can be completed on a chargeable basis.