Affirmative Action Plans

Affirmative Action Plans and Plan Updates

Do I need an Affirmative Action Plan?

If your organization employs over 50 employees and one of the following statements applies to your organization:

  1. Your company is a recipient as a contractor or subcontractor of federal funds totaling $50,000 or more per year
  2. Your company serves as a depository of Federal funds in any amount
  3. Your company is a financial institution that is an issuing and paying agent for U.S. savings bond and savings notes in any amount

Then the answer is YES, you need an Affirmative Action Plan and AmeriBen · IEC Group can help!

What Can IEC Group Do?

AmeriBen · IEC Group can help you in all your affirmative action needs from Affirmative Action counseling to preparation of the actual plan. AmeriBen/ IEC Group uses a computer-assisted program which is specifically designed to fulfill the mandated regulations.

The program enables AmeriBen · IEC Group consultants to customize recruiting areas and census data specific to your organization. The electronic record-keeping of your Affirmative Action Program and corresponding data enables your organization to develop consistent follow-up programs accurately and efficiently. We are also available to conduct EEO/AAP audits and to assist with the implementation of an Affirmative Action Program.

What you get with AmeriBen · IEC Group:

  • An accurate and comprehensive plan with yearly updates
  • All materials (posters, forms) required for Affirmative Action compliance
  • Experience consulting staff to answer questions and help with implementation
  • A sophisticated Action Plan to address any under-utilization found in our analysis of your organization
  • Optional employee training

For information on how AmeriBen · IEC Group can help you prepare your Affirmative Action Plan, to check your current plan for compliance, or to arrange an informational meeting, please call us at 888-432-8811.