AmeriBen · IEC Group is an expert in providing key human resource services for growing, stable, and downsizing organizations.

Integrity Initiative Good Judgment Teamwork

Improving Bottom-Line Performance and Top-Line Growth
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Largest Privately Held Company in the Northwest in Our Field
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Accurate, Responsive Resource Center Hotline
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Management Conference Held Annualy and Current Training Programs
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Strategic HR Management Services

Firmly established as an experienced and trusted partner, organizations of all sizes have utilized our numerous consulting services for over 50 years. Assessing an organization’s needs and implementing effective solutions is our top priority. We have a team of human resources consultants with vast experience and a variety of advanced degrees who have strategically designed tools and services to ensure results.

T. Andrew Fujimoto
Chief Executive Officer
Tim Callendar
Corporate Counsel
Sarah Stevens
HR Consulting Group Manager