Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions

These FAQs contain basic information and are designed to provide a better understanding of the IEC Group, and our services.

IEC Group was formally knows as Idaho Employers Council formed in 1958 as a consortium for employers to meet to discuss Organized Labor Unions that were entering Idaho. Over the years, Idaho Employers Council went through a metamorphosis and started focusing on a wide variety of Employment Law issues as a non-profit organization.

These issues included Employment Laws that were passing, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, American's with Disabilities Act, and Family Medical Leave Act. They also expanded their membership to several states. In the late 1990's Idaho Employers Council shifted to a for-profit organization, now called IEC Group.
More and more organizations are outsourcing HR services to reduce staffing expenses and still receive resources and services to support the business needs and respond to complex and challenging HR issues in an uncertain economy. Our services provide ongoing support for companies who may or may not have a formal HR function and staff to impact your bottom line.
Our resource center has sample policies and procedures on a majority of topics. As new policies are identified such as blogging, iPods in the workplace, employee use of cell phones and others, we provide our members with current and accurate information and a process to help keep employees informed.
The Strategic Partner Package offers an in-depth HR Assessment one-on-one with an HR Consultant and a recommendation plan for immediate, intermediate and long-term goals to maximize company objectives.

It also offers unlimited telephone and e-mail advice with a Resource Hotline Consultant. In addition, our consultants are available to do on-sight fee-for-service work at a discounted hourly rate.
There is a difference between a PEO and an HR service. IEC Group provides services to assist in the HR function. We make our services affordable and customize our services to fit within any budget. We also have designed our services to complement business owners and HR professionals to make them thrive.

A PEO acquires responsibility for an entire HR function including payroll services, timekeeping, benefits administration, and compensation administration, while charging excessive fees. IEC Group is not a PEO, we are an HR service.
IEC Group does not provide payroll services.