About Us

Executive Overview

Improving Bottom-Line Performance and Top-Line Growth
Firmly established as an experienced and trusted partner, organizations of all sizes have utilized our numerous consulting services for more than 50 years. Assessing an organization’s needs and implementing effective solutions is our top priority. We have a team of consultants with vast experience and a variety of advanced degrees who have strategically designed tools and services to ensure results.

As organizations strive to remain competitive, outsourcing non-core business competency has developed into a powerful trend. AmeriBen · IEC Group is an expert in providing key human resource services for growing, stable, and downsizing organizations. From bundled to custom-tailored services, AmeriBen · IEC Group can develop a program that meets the needs of the organization as well as the defined budget.

We are the largest privately held company in the Northwest in our field, with office locations in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Arizona. We provide comprehensive services in Human Resource Management and Consulting, Retirement Administration and Third Party Medical Claims Administration for self-funded and partially self-funded companies.
Over 90% of all calls receive a live person and an immediate response versus being routed to voicemail. Experienced HR staff are available to answer client’s compliance and HR-related questions.
The IEC Group conducts management and leadership trainings, webinars and customized trainings for our members.
Our members receive a weekly newsletter that covers HR issues, trends, regulatory and compliance issues. We also hold monthly webinars on hot topics, periodic business and HR forums, and briefings.
The BNA houses a wealth of information including information on all 50 state’s laws, policies, model documents, white papers, tax and benefit information.
Members have access* to salary reports from a national database that contains over 5,700 job titles which includes base pay data, incentive compensation trends, and sample job descriptions in all major cities.
*Refer to your membership package overview for details on this service.
We work to ensure that we are always flexible to meet the needs of our members and to exceed their expectations...everyday.
Members have access to sample compliant policies and HR-related forms and required posters.
The company holds an Annual Leadership Conference in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho. Members learn about the most current trends and compliance issues and hear from motivational and national speakers while enjoying elegant dinners in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.